“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
~ Mark Twain

It may scare you to start your own business, but the mere fact that you’re willing to work toward your goals puts you one step ahead. You can’t finish something until you begin, so starting is definitely the key.

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on developing
low-risk business

Purchasing one of our Business opportunities is a straightforward way to start a business. The beauty of our agency model is that entrepreneurs buy into an existing brand and a proven system.

Our agency model enables small business owners to benefit from the collective marketing budget, normally associated with those of bigger corporations.

Digimm’s growth laboratory transforms proven businesses with unique selling points into agency models. We then sell the agencies and provide them with on-going marketing and operational support. Let us show you how to multiply your business.



“I have had my Skipgo agency for the last year. In this time I managed to grow my business with an additional trailer and a total of 29 skips in my fleet. Andrew and Skipgo have given me the support and advice when needed to assist me in growing my business.”

~ Bertus Engelbrecht