What makes us different

We exclusively provide services to brands that form part of our agency model concept and the success we have achieved thus far can be attributed to the following principles:

Collective marketing budget
Multiple agencies contributing towards a brand’s budget increases it exponentially, providing agencies with a massive competitive advantage over independent small businesses.
Long term relationship
Unlike buying a business from a brokerage where the relationship seizes on the date of transfer, we enter into a mutually beneficial long-term relationship through our on-going support services.
Vested interest
We own or partner with brands and therefore have a direct interest in their long term success. Our goal is to grow each brand to it's full potential, ensuring financial sustainability for all.



“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.”
~ Colin Powell

Our story

Our founder, Andrew van Zyl, has over twenty five years of experience in the small business sector. He identified the opportunity for a business model with a high equity proposition that relies on on-going support in marketing and management. This business model has been applied to Skipgo, that has grown into the largest brand in it's sector within the first two years of existence. We continuously launch new brands based on the same core principles, expanding our agency model portfolio.

Our team

Our teams include specialists in their respective fields within the digital marketing and business management industry. We are creative, energetic, and our mission is to constantly develop innovative ideas ensuring better results for our clients.

Andrew van Zyl
Founder & CEO
Anchen Genis
Accounts Manager
Heike von Hörsten
Web Design Team Leader